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Unveil the power of networking at Wownooks

Unveil the power of networking at Wownooks

Coworking space is a modern approach to networking and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. It has enabled freelancers and growing entrepreneurs to afford complete workstations with the required amenities. 

Check out the spacious options

Plush lounge

Wownooks is a coworking space in Salt Lake, Kolkata. A spacious lounge greets visitors and makes them feel at home. The lounge highlights an elegant look with modern furniture and a couple of board games for refreshment. 

It is the best place to have a productive conversation over a warm cup of coffee and interact with people from other offices as well. 

Conference rooms

Conference rooms are the epicenters of collaboration, productivity, and decision-making. Conference rooms or “Zoom rooms” at Wownooks are tech-friendly. The hybrid mode of working has raised the demand for such Zoom rooms.

It’s a horizon of virtual and physical meet-ups through high-speed Wi-Fi, video conferences, and presentation tools.

Sleek Desk concepts

The work zones at Wownooks are designed in a work-friendly manner. Employees have access to mobility within the room. Thus making discussions easier and enhancing a strong network with co-workers. So, if you’re looking for a sleek coworking space in Salt Lake, then Wownooks can be your best option.

Flexi seats

Wownooks’s concept of flexi seats or “hot desks” is a modern coworking culture where one can switch between seat rental packages as per requirement. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs find it beneficial to book flexi seats that are cost-effective. 

Moreover, access to reading corners, conference rooms, and cafe is an added advantage. 

Reading Corner

Amidst busy work schedules, employees often find some productive escapes, and reading corner is the best option. A wide array of articles and books complemented by a cozy look attracts employees to spend a relaxing break. 

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Delicious cafe 

The vintage-styled cafe is an ornament of Wownooks. The cafe serving beverages and snacks can be accessed by every member equally irrespective of their seat packages. Freelancers and creative minds looking for coworking space in Salt Lake can often explore innovative ideas over lunch at Wownooks cafeteria. 

Bottom line

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Entrepreneurs are leveraging co-working spaces to enhance agility and adaptability. Flexibility in workspaces has revolutionized the way of approaching professionalism. Focusing on flexibility, value-added productivity, and collaborative interactions has left traditional office spaces far behind. So, if you’re in search of a professional coworking space, get in touch with us today.