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Flexi seats inside coworking space in Kolkata- A versatile solution

coworking space in kolkata

Flexi seats inside coworking space in Kolkata- A versatile solution

Co-working culture in Kolkata has evolved in the recent decade, adding a spice to the work environment. India is a price-sensitive market, and corporates and start-ups estimate that the coworking space in Kolkata is turning into the best option financially.

Co-working spaces are to cover approximately 10% – 15% of India’s total office space by 2024 and the flexible office space market is projected at a compounded annual growth rate of 15% – 20%.

Flexi seats – A versatile solution for Freelancers and SMEs

Shared spaces boost productivity

Small entrepreneurs often find it difficult to own office spaces. Hence, the best solution is a co-working space. It’s a great option to retrench infrastructure and focus on productivity. Businesses can divert their costs for non-core business activities to productive zones. Startups can be free from administrative and operative functions to focus on core business.

Wownooks complements “Hot Desking”

Demand for “Hot Desks” or flexi desks, especially inside coworking space in Kolkata is rising due to changes in work habits and growth in startups. Wownooks offers to book spaces flexibly focusing on the member’s immediate needs and provides customized options for the future.

Packages of Wownooks include hourly options, single seats, a few 100 seats, open workspaces, shared spaces, private workspaces, and lockable offices.

Digital Connectivity

Flexible spaces of Wownooks enhance collaborative and digital connectivity. Remote work is one of the major reasons that has increased the demand for flexible workspaces. High-tech facilities at Wownooks have enabled freelancers and startups to connect with members working remotely in any corner of the world. They can collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and enhance productivity.

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Option to switch packages as per requirement

Imagine a blogger, a journalist, or an entrepreneur who often changes their decisions for seats as per requirement. Wownooks allow to access single seats, lounges, reading corners, conference rooms, cafeterias, and other facilities flexibly based on the packages they opt for. It saves unnecessary allocation of resources. Switching packages at Wownooks is a work-friendly option for its members.

Bottom lines

Entrepreneurs leverage co-working spaces to enhance agility and adaptability in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Flexibility in coworking space in Kolkata has revolutionized the way of approaching professionalism. Focusing on flexibility, value-added productivity, and collaborative interactions has left traditional office spaces far behind. Resources are driven toward productivity and not operations and administration.