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5 Business Swelling Tricks Of Shared Office Space to Follow

shared office space in Kolkata

5 Business Swelling Tricks Of Shared Office Space to Follow

The coworking concept came from the western outdoor work module to the Indian metropolitans. Unlike other cities, Kolkata adopted and brought a new resolution of transforming business from traditional space to a new aged office floor. The concept of shared office space in Kolkata is slowly pacing up and exploring further heights. 

In the pre-Covid arena, there were around 18% coworking spaces, which increased to 56%. Close-knit teams are working behind to stabilize the entire working module to a new flexy room. Don’t delay in picking the best business decision to switch to a co-office near your location. 

Are you searching “best coworking space near me” on Google?

Let me tell you, Worknests is one of the best coworking spaces at your nearby location. We offer custom space according to clients’ demands. 

Why Worknests?

Worknests is a shared office space in Kolkata, Salt Lake, Sector 5. We are set with fifteen running startups and reputed freelancers. The togetherness we serve our clients is the most adhering fact. We offer custom meeting setups and other cabins for the specific ground of requirement. Unlike the other conventional coworking floors, our positive environment aids the developing business & startups. Anytime in any need, we stay aside at initial assistance. 

We have parking to come by car and keep for hours. There are no additional charges required though they may vary in exceptional cases. Besides, we share common spaces with clients. Get rid of the pressure by spending leisure time with coworkers in the lounge. Fulfilling the requirements of every worker is our target that we are doing successfully. 

If it’s a serious concern about your company credentials, no worry, we provide a separate lock for nondisclosure facts. Your safety is our priority that we never miss. 

How Shared Office Space Boost Business?

Regular offices are boring and pokey. Now you have a way towards freeing your mind with Worknests rushing from the traditional path by choosing. 80% of the conventional workplace where fails and ends, Worknests start from that peak and change the overall business in a positive sense. 

Being a coworking space, we prioritize individual space. Therefore, we made a way out of the workload by keeping gaming tools, magazines, books, and other splendid activity tools. 

Besides all, our chief concern is business hiking. It’s a professional work hub to elevate business propaganda.

shared office space in Kolkata

Minimizing Communication Time

Coworking & communication is a common term for togetherness that streams the entire workflow. Previous office space required a while to connect to the needed person. Worknests offers separate office intercoms in each cabin to communicate at the earliest possibility. 

Office hours may come with troubles that need instant communication. Besides, if you need to call any coworker for assistance, you can call directly from the office telecom. It is easy to call using a personal mobile. The office communication system enables faster reach, reducing waiting time.

 High Professionalism

Most of the shared office space focuses on profit more than on benefiting the clients from all aspects. Worknests prioritize the office goals, maintaining high professionalism. Inside, multiple organizations sit for their business, and it’s their concern. However, we focus on noise reduction. 

There is space to talk, laugh, and gossip. The way you are should not violate the total office. However, professionalism always remains the top priority. All cabins have doors for entrance and exit that the employees maintain. We follow strict rules not to violate the regulations & other company works. 

Zero Involvement 

We never interfere in our personal space without company allowance. Often companies ask for assistance, then we proceed to keep the workflow. Maintenance is also a crucial factor in keeping their work up all day. 

We ensure zero internet disruption. If any, we resolve it with the fastest possibility. There are always some credential issues where they stay untouched and entertain companies keeping their privacy. 

Spontaneous Electricity 

Electricity is the most integral part of running a shared office space. We have power backup to provide constant electricity flow throughout the day & night. All work sets are in the online mode that requires internet and electricity, so we have several power backup options. No spoiler will be able to delay your work. We keep all companies producing as much as we can.

Mostly the traditional companies fail to provide spontaneous electric flow where we are best. Keep your 8 hours shift fully productive in Worknests. 

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Meeting Setup

Worknests provide separate launch meetings with the clients. Except for the permanent office spaces, we offer hourly rentals to conduct meetings with clients whenever required. By providing the meeting room, we better build the overall impression of the company and its services. In an emergency, we share custom spaces to run a meeting. 

However, your meeting will never be a burden to hold in the workspace. It is our responsibility to serve the best we can. 

Expanding the business and generating revenue doesn’t belong to our hands though we try our best to profit the clients. Over the last years, we catered to a series of permanent and temporary clients who are flourishing. Flourish your business by being a part of the Worknests family. 

Work Next, Business Winning Solutions

We at coworking spaces bring flexibility to all workers. 

Looking for shared office space in Kolkata to consent to your business?

Worknests is the only solution for your business. First, you settle your business location at a low cost and set your business goals. Here you will have all amenities that the shared office spaces serve. Additionally, you will get customized support & assistance.