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Top 5 Negative Thoughts Related To Coworking Spaces


Top 5 Negative Thoughts Related To Coworking Spaces

As the world is developing, people are getting upgraded facilities in all fields. Along with gadgets, internet and medical science, a better working space facility at various coworking places is a recent development. There is a particular network and community which offer such facilities to businessmen and professionals. Yet, there are many misjudgment negative thoughts related to this. Following is the list of such myths.

  1. Coworking Space Are High Priced

Some people or the businessmen who wishes to avail a good working space have an impression that the coworking spaces are really expensive. But, it is totally a wrong thought. If you compare the price of the coworking space with that of the traditional work space, the later will be much more expensive. In coworking spaces, you will be charged per seats that you take for working. Thus, you have to pay for the number of such workable desk. But, in traditional office you have to pay rent for the entire office.

  1. Coworking Spaces Are Compared With Work From Home

People working from home may have home comfort. But, after working for few months and years they might have a feeling that all their potential are getting wasted as they don’t have interactions with professionals. But, the coworking spaces are made in such a way that you will have a feel that you are at office.

  1. Coworking Spaces Are For Small Businessmen

Different coworking spaces have different rules. There are some spaces where all types of businesses can accommodate. But, few have some specific rules. But, this does not mean that the coworking spaces are for the small businessmen. You must search for the organizations that provide this facility to all types of business.

  1. Coworking Spaces Are Unproductive

It is true that the environment of a coworking space quite different than that of traditional office. This is a place where there is no much interference and employees can work with freedom. But, some people have a myth that this working environment is unproductive. But, this is totally wrong and is considered as a myth.

  1. The Future Of Coworking Is Dark In India

Some of the people and businessmen with conventional thought have an opinion that this work culture will not sustain in India for long. But, it is actually a wrong thought. Very big businessmen such as Amazon, Face book, Google etc are using the coworking spaces instead of having a traditional office.