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Revolutionizing Workspace through Wownooks

coworking space in kolkata

Revolutionizing Workspace through Wownooks

Kolkata, the city of joy, also known as the city of festivals has now emerged as a hub for industries, IT Sectors, and business. The City now witnesses diverse cultures, languages, entrepreneurship, and lifestyles. It has resulted in an inclination toward meeting people from different backgrounds and revealing their potential by working together. 

Why Coworking space in Kolkata?

Coworking is a promising phenomenon that has emerged in the past decade. Entrepreneurs have opted to grow in a coworking environment. Coworking provides unique benefits due to the concentration of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and it’s a cost-effective solution to pursue their dream.

Why Wownooks?

Wownooks is an example of such a coworking space located in Kolkata, Co-founded by Rajesh Goyal. Though co-working space in Kolkata provides immense opportunities, this industry is still in its nascent stage specifically in Kolkata. This is due to a lack of awareness about the benefits among most customers and business owners. Kolkata is growing and has yet to witness vibrant startup ecosystems. Wownooks’s vision is to create a vibrant ecosystem, work, collaborate, connect, and feel proud of the work environment. 

Improved Productivity

Companies can divert their costs for non-core business activities to productive zones. This will help to enrich productivity and improve networking. It’s a great option for businesses with limited resources to experience working in elite environments. Remote workers also can avail of the support anytime as per booking.

Best-in-class coworking facilities

Wownooks allows one to feel excited about the “cool and vibrant” work environment with best-in-class facilities and practices comparable across the globe. Its cabins are specifically designed to make customers feel at home. Wownooks’s facilities include a spacious lounge, reception area, a cozy reading corner, a printing area, wi-fi, and a delightful cafe serving beverages and snacks. 

Customize as required

Wownooks, a premium co-working space in Kolkata offers a wide range of options customized according to the needs of freelancers, startups, professionals, Small and Medium Enterprises, and large businesses. Its focus is customer-centric, offering best-in-class infrastructure and a vibrant environment, flexibility in meeting different customer needs, and flexible contracts with customers as per their plans and constraints.


Wownooks is a great option for businesses that are on the path of growth and may face dynamic plans. It focuses not just on the customer’s immediate needs but also provides customized options for the future. Packages include hourly options, single seats, a few 100 seats, open workspaces, shared spaces, private workspaces, and lockable offices. 

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Wownooks has a superfast Wi-Fi facility with a firewall and access control. To prevent the breach of privacy, individual and company access is enabled separately for each. Access to each workplace is controlled by the latest access-controlling hardware and software through card, finger punch, and passcode. 

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Co-working spaces in Kolkata are transformative hubs redefining traditional work environments. As we move through the evolving landscape of work, these spaces will act as catalysts for our future networking, creativity, connectivity, and potential realization. It has a long way to go and Wownooks is a sapling in this huge garden of productivity.