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Wownooks: Workspace Beyond Boundaries

coworking space in kolkata

Wownooks: Workspace Beyond Boundaries

Do you know when the first coworking space opened in India?

India witnessed its first coworking space in 2012 when 91Springboard started its operations. Since 2018, demand for coworking spaces has begun to rise. People felt the need for a compact workstation.

Today there are more than 3000 coworking spaces in India and the Country is ranked 2nd globally in the number of coworking spaces.

The strategy behind a growing coworking space in Kolkata is to enjoy a complete workstation with your workforce in your comfort.

Reasons to choose Wownooks:

Dream to work with flexibility?

Wownooks provide flexibility and adaptability for growth. You don’t have to worry about long-term leases. Here, you are allowed to explore and enjoy the amenities at your ease. You can switch seats and packages as per your requirements.

A freelancer or a small business may not need huge rooms with large seating space but a larger organization might need that. Wownooks fits into your needs as you customize yours.

A perfect solution for your budget constraints

There are ups and downs in a business and to confront such a crisis, Wownooks provides you with customized solutions such that you can switch between packages. It reduces your financial stress and allows you to focus on your core business for growth.

Do you want networking opportunities?

Networking is the lifeline of your business. The more you connect the better you grow.

When you connect with people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, your thinking gets a broader perspective.

Moreover, to expand your business and enable huge-scale marketing of your products and services, you need strong networking, and Wownooks, the best coworking space in Kolkata fills this gap.

You get people with experience in different fields and share your ideas to spread awareness of your products and services.

Boost motivation and creativity

In a coworking space, the creative energy runs high. More work gets done in a positive environment where people help each other succeed. Different colleagues’ perspectives level up creativity and refresh your minds to consider alternatives for your problems.

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Sit back and relax during your “chai time” inside best coworking space in Kolkata

Wownooks offers you a vibrant environment, which is best among the coworking spaces in Kolkata including a relaxing lounge and a delightful cafeteria with a touch of nostalgia. Give your body and mind the relaxation they crave, sitting on a couch, and brewing a cup of coffee to fuel your mind for the next productive steps.


Organizations across various sectors need to support workers with spaces that respond to their evolving needs and offer them the comfort and functionality to meet their objectives.

By promoting versatility and collaboration, flexible workspaces can meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Come and explore Wownooks to avail the amenities irrespective of your business scale.